The Challenge Of The Everyday Gentleman

"Always make time for a proper drink."

Quite some time ago, someone I worked with asked me if I wanted to get involved in a project with her: I was to write a fashion & life/style blog for a well known site. (It’s perfect, I know! I said the same thing!)

So, how could I say no to this proposition?

Maybe because like so many other people I have known in my life, she may have been completely full of shit, or had also been lied to?(Yes, I said shit… come now, it’s “The Everyday Gentleman,” not “The Everyday Grandfather’s Blog”) Well, to make a long and somewhat sordid story short, I accepted but as you would imagine the blog never came to fruition. (I know: you’re probably shocked…) Well, it never happened as far as they were concerned. Back then, I did what I always do: I Dream Fast and Dream Big. But I never really step back and think of the shortcomings of others. Until recently. So even though that one particular idea fell flat, mine still soared…

Allow me to introduce you to my latest incarnation: The Everyday Gentleman.

Here is where I’ll likely share almost all of what I know and plenty of what I do; and you’ll tell me if there’s anything I’m missing. One thing is for damn sure: there will be plenty of fashion, music, art, writing, humor (I hope you’ll laugh) and anything else I come across that fits inside the title belonging to The Everyday Gentleman. (Don’t worry; I won’t make you iron your shirts if you don’t want to. There are ways around that and I’ll get to it soon enough.)

So, here’s to rising up to my call: The Challenge Of The Everyday Gentleman. See you back here soon…




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