Thanks, Please.

Something happened as my day was coming to an end yesterday. Something almost insignificant. (Well it was significant enough, since I’m writing about it.) You wouldn’t think it mattered. Then again you wouldn’t think I could possibly have that kind of day. Every day.

Simply put, someone said “Thank You.”

I know what you’re thinking: Why am I obsessing over a ‘Thank You,’ right? Well, if you haven’t noticed, aside from these two words almost hardly being said (with meaning) these days, I tend to obsess quite a bit (oh, like you couldn’t have guessed that last part on your own).

Yes, I have found these two words to be very much out of the ordinary. But not only was that the case yesterday (and lately,) but also that this person in particular was very serious when he said them. Once uttered, I didn’t know what to do. I felt like a 6-year-old receiving one of those sweaters for Christmas: I knew I should be happy to receive it, but couldn’t believe my own eyes for better or worse. Not only that, but looking back, there’s this kind of disbelief it even happened at all.

I almost forgot to say “You’re Welcome” mostly because I was stuck on that disturbing visual of a Shitty Christmas Sweater I myself received when I was 6 years old. But I quickly stirred and shook the hand that was held out to me – a nice and unexpected additional gesture.

I guess what I am trying to say is: Don’t forget to say “Thank You,” even if you get a Shitty Christmas Sweater. By the way, the Season is fast-approaching and if I see one of those, I might have a serious problem.


Though I don't know who they are, I couldn't help myself: I had to get the image of a Shitty Christmas Sweater in your mind too. Enjoy!


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