Waving a Wild Flag.

I’m not sure if you all noticed it yet, but I started off by calling The Everyday Gentleman a Fashion Life/Style blog. One thing is for sure – from where I’m standing, at least – is that music, art, food & drink, and even philosophy have to do everything with it. Like I said, at least from where I’m standing.

Now let’s spend this time together talking a little bit about music. I have been on fire listening to great music lately. If I hear any one of you complain that there is no good music, no real bands, no good songwriting these days, I will be tempted to say that you might very well be sitting on your iPod and its earbuds are not plugged into the right port. (Oh and by the way, unless you have some really amazing earbuds, stop right there. Earbuds suck. They always have – for the most part, I know. Has anyone tried Urbanears Bagis or Medis? I use the sound-cancelling, ear-snuggling Plattan headphones for day-to-day use myself; there’s less branding, more style and it produces a decent sound for the price. Besides, I don’t like all of my things to be too precious, you know.)

So, back to the music. There are many bands that have been toiling since the 90’s, playing their music and putting out amazing records. But something changed recently. (No, not the “Foam-injected Axl Rose” Guns N’ Roses reunion tour.) I mean the experienced, inspired lot of musicians from that era who have started to record some amazingly crafted albums these days. (And records, too. You do collect vinyl, don’t you? Oh I indeed recommend that highly.) Well, I could go on – and I will in days to come – but the list is nevertheless endless.

I want to do my best to bring one band to mind right now, and they embody a raw talent that has been growing for years, it seems. Its members have been there since almost “The Beginning” of that era (Sleater-Kinney, Helium, to name a few). These four women have combined what the reviewers are calling the “Indie Supergroup” and though I am not a reviewer (I would rather create it than review it – but I really love talking about it,) I am quite happy calling them by their name: WILD FLAG. (Not the opposite of Henry Rollin’s Black Flag, but kinda.)

Wild Flag embodies this unique movement in the upheaval of the current music scene. Now while I don’t expect you to go out and purchase their album, (please go out and purchase their album,) I do expect you to take my word for it. These women rock! Their songs will captivate you – Carrie Brownstein’s voice might remind you of Karen O’s for a brief moment, (or is it the other way around?) Wild Flag incorporates the distinct sound of handclaps; the oohs and ahhs; unmistakable drumming and guitar hooks; and of course the distant sound of a police siren (though that last one will freak you out if you are on the street or driving home.) Their self-titled album opens up with Romance, sounding like a kind of theme song (Jem and the Holograms for the punk crowd, anyone?) And you will fall in love with, (or fall in love to,) their song Future Crimes: “If you’re gonna be a restless soul / Then you’re gonna be so, so tired / If you’re gonna keep me up all night / Then you better learn to….” Well, you have to listen to the rest yourself.

However, I will say that before you go wave a Wild Flag of your own, please know that this is not Last Friday Night, okay? This is the Next Saturday Morning, when you wake to find bruises you never had the day before. And you love it that much more.



PS – for those that want to see the video to their single Romance, check it out on YouTube here:


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