Sometimes, Always, Never. Ever, ever, ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get something out of the way nice and early in this Fashion & Life/Style relationship we’re building. Shall we? You should already know this little saying that goes something like this: “Sometimes, Always, Never”.

It’s a great little rule for so many things in life. So many, many things. By way of example: you should Sometimes text her after your first date; yes, it’s Always better to call her; and no, please Never ask if she minds you calling. If you are among the fortunate to have her number, use it. Wisely.

More appropriately, one time we do hear about this rule most is when it pertains to the buttons on a men’s single-breasted suit jacket (also see: blazer, sportcoat, etc). For the purposes of buttoning these three buttons, you should Sometimes button the top button; Always button the middle one; and Never button the bottom. Ever. This is one of those “Rules” that you have to leave unbroken. Otherwise you look…. Well, just not right.

So you want to know why? Let’s take a quick look at that “Rule”: it has to do with the silhouette of the suit. You know, the shape it makes you when you wear it. You want a sleek silhouette, trust me. (This goes for the three-button suit, of course. A two-button suit is Always button the top and Never button the bottom one.)

But we’re changing that rule in a way. Wait, don’t get all nervous on me… There are others who believe in this and have said it first, but I’m going to repeat it here for those of you who may have missed it. Or if you just like to hear it from me. And yes, then I love you back!

“Only button one button of your single-breasted suit.” That’s it.

Our revised rule for the single-breasted three-button suit is: Not Usually/Always/Never. (As for the two-button suit it’s Never The Bottom One.)

Anyway, just to be safe, button only one button, okay? Don’t mess around with the others. Oh, and don’t forget: when you sit, unbutton that one button. Otherwise you’ll just look like the guy that needs help. And you’re not that guy, are you? (But listen: if you are, don’t worry. That’s what I’m here for. Write me; I’ll help.)



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