My Five Minutes on the “2 Minute Essential”

It’s too simple to overlook and too necessary to avoid. It’s the finishing touch; what makes you polished. Standing out among the rest, even. And it could only take two minutes. That’s why I am giving you the “2 Minute Essential.”

Every once in a while I’ll be spending more or less five minutes talking about my latest “2 Minute Essential.” An Essential is just that: something you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) do without. Something you can grab (usually at the last minute,) and go – all within two minutes.

Take today for example, when I was contemplating wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But not just any t-shirt. This one is sharp and well-designed; I didn’t want to just throw it on. I felt like I would have been half-done if I stopped there. Anyone could do that. But the 2 Minute Essential is more about getting something to go your way. (And that’s what we’re all about, right?)

So I have this deconstructed black blazer that goes great with almost everything; that went over top right away. (A deconstructed blazer is basically one that is comfortable and great-looking without the padding and lining; the fabric is usually made to cross a few seasons so it’s pretty versatile.) Now I was almost done. Almost. Whether you know it already or not, I am a fanatic for scarves. (Yes, scarves year-round and I do currently live in Miami. More to come on that soon…) The scarf I chose worked as a great balance between the fabrics and colors of the rest. I was done.

There you have it: my five minutes on a 2 Minute Essential. A season-appropriate scarf (and it should be one that matches your personality) and a deconstructed blazer can save your outfit from quite possibly a bland jeans / t-shirt combination.




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