HANNA’s Chemical Reaction.

“I just missed your heart.”

The words will resonate with you long after the film is over. And the reasons why are not as obvious as you think. That’s brilliant storytelling, in my opinion.

Almost anyone can make an thrilling action film, right? At least it seems like almost anyone does. Now to put it more plainly, and in context, we can see that almost anyone can film a fight scene. Well choreographed, perfectly sequenced hand-to-hand combat, complete with close-ups, fast-paced movements and a little post-production CGI magic.  You’re all set.

Well, that is if you want to do what everyone else is doing. And we want to steer clear of that, right?

Enter a film called HANNA. In a way – and I’m not sure it’s decidedly intentional – it challenges our view of a typical action sequence. And yes, there are plenty in this film. But something is different about HANNA

More or less everything about these scenes is fairly standard: fist against face, some bloodshed, a few chase-downs and even a slit throat. Or ten. But here’s where HANNA differs from the rest: a soundtrack from The Chemical Brothers that seems to have perfect timing.

This film soars when it comes to its music. The soundtrack itself is an integral part of the film and all of its action. It is used almost as part of the script. The synergy between The Chemical Brothers along with the scenes themselves make magic happen in a way post-production cannot. Pay too close attention to it and you’ve missed its brilliance. No, you have to take one giant step back. See the forest, not the sap dripping from each tree. I haven’t heard the music on its own, but I can say that I do not believe it is intended to – just like the film is not intended to stand without the music, I suppose.

Saoirse Ronan as HANNA

Saoirse Ronan as HANNA

And watch Saoirse Ronan move as the main character from whom the film gets its name. Like the poet Paul Valery said, “…light like a bird, and not like a feather.”

“I just missed your heart.” The famous first words you’ll hear last. And keep hearing – hopefully with the right soundtrack.



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