Exceptional Design Goes Everywhere If You’re Ready

It is easy to say that good art or good design is hard to find. Of course it feels like that has to be the case, generally speaking; that idea keeps us in check. If you want something good, something meaningful, you have to be open to it—in a sense, you have to work for it. And if you are among the few of us that feels like these things come to you without your having to try too hard to find them, then it would stand to reason that you are working toward this kind of commitment to great things in some aspects of your life anyway. And yes, it’s all coming to you.

It may very well be more appropriate to say that good design is out there, only we should add that information is fragmented so much that you have to have laser focus in order to find what’s best. In addition to the horrific fragmentation and questionable trustworthiness of almost every source, you have to sort through so much ‘noise’ as well. Being open to it will bring you in contact with it, but the rest really has a lot to do with the work you put in. Building that laser focus, as it were.

Recently I was gifted the insight into something of this nature – something that incorporates into its name what it stands for and what it actually accomplishes: exceptional design. The company is called EDGE Wallcoverings (Exceptional Design Goes Everywhere) and they incorporate larger-than-life art prints into their interior designs, rich with texture and seething with color. Comfortable in their success and creative abilities in wall coverings, EDGE is now taking a leap into new territory, and the end result is as gorgeous as their wall coverings and interiors: EDGE Scarves.

Tribal Sea Diamond

Tribal Sea Diamond design by EDGE

I am very much looking forward to their new creations and watching their trajectory. I encourage you to continue on to EDGE the way you were lead to this post. And let yourself get in touch with something new and elevated. Behind the wall—and beneath the scarves—are great people doing great things.

It’s a strong belief of mine to connect and be connected. I’ll present to you more of what I come across as it happens.



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