You Need to Hear This A$AP

One sick pumpkin!

One sick pumpkin!

It’s Halloween and it is getting later into the night… Something in me is begging to explore and I can’t think of a better time than now to sit down and absorb some new music. There are sounds resonating from the streets of tiny crowds going from door to door, party to party, looking for something similar, something new and dangerous and elusive. Though they are doing it under a mask, I’ve got nothing but my plain clothes and this drink in my hand.

But I am feeling a bit more curious than usual; edgier even. Not many people know the depths of my love for all kinds of music and if I told you at once here in this space, you might not believe me.

Tonight, I happened across something that is fulfilling my urge for this elusive sound. This darker, sleeker side of my collection. Dirt, but not grime. Something that might be too new for our ordinary ears. Then it appeared: A$AP Rocky’s “Bass (produced by Clams Casino).” Note: I am still unsure whether or not I like his name, being a fan of AESOP ROCK and all. But here goes…

It came to me by way of a tweet that stood out among the rest. So I clicked. And clicked. And clicked. And I started listening. I started getting immersed. The first thing that hit me was the way it was introduced. Nothing incredibly special – about 15 seconds of a voice shouting at someone about how they need to recognize A$AP. Before I had time to decide whether or not we have all heard this before, one bar of rhymes came in and then it hit me to a more serious degree.

There was this heavy droning bass. The lyrics floated in and out of my ears fluidly, allowing me to grasp only what I needed through uncomplicated rhymes. It did something that I only heard about here and there specifically regarding pop music theory. (Yes, I am saying it now and I think it could quite possibly hold true—but try it for yourself…)

Here it is: after the tin-sounding introduction and deep bass grind, A$AP Rocky brings us something of a slow-motion chorus right after the :30 second mark. Apparently, that is the perfect time to “hook” your listener. Though I am not sure in its validity, I can trust in this: with our current collective attention span, this makes sense.

So, I hear this slow-motion “hook” again a minute later and after playing this song a few times, I have actually begun looking forward to hearing that hook. Again.

Now, before you go downloading the song or obsessively Googling this twenty-something Harlem rapper, think of your relationship to rap and how it relates to you (remember, even if you are on the opposite of the listening spectrum, you can define what your relation to it is).

Also, think of this image:

operative word: EXPLICIT

operative word: EXPLICIT

So now I’ve listened to this track four or five times by now. (Yes, I have this thing about hearing something five times to make it “click”.) And only now am I going to Google A$AP Rocky.

Here are a few places you can find him easily:

Here is the link to download the new song, “Bass (prod by Clams Casino)”

Pitchfork’s post tonight about A$AP Rocky’s new LIVELOVEA$AP

Oh and by the way—we are definitely on the cusp of things, with our fingers on the pulse. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable because there isn’t anyone to buffer us. The sting of being on top might be overbearing. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you…



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