Hand Crafted.

I’ve been writing about music a lot lately. A lot. Let’s just say I’ve been feeling it. You might say it’s almost as if I have this secret dream of being a music writer. (Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore, is it?) Seriously though, you know I’m good for it, and I have a pretty decent track record when it comes to identifying some good new music and bringing it to you. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying as much as I have been writing.

This evening, my idea stems from the fact that The Everyday Gentleman finds pleasure in all things he holds dear. Music included. Sometimes it even fights for first place. But for me, the list goes on and on. And on. Seriously, there is a List. And it goes on. I can happily, guiltily say that one of those things is food.

Ah yes, not enough of it is definitely a problem, and too much of it can be as well. A happy medium – does it exist? Perhaps. I can go from overindulging in and to refraining from decadent foods all in a matter of days. It all goes back to enjoying life to its fullest. Whatever works; without suffering. Too much.

Recently I was describing one of my favorite indulgences to two women with taste who would have bought my entire stock if I was selling it: goat cheese hand-rolled in fresh, coarsely ground black pepper. And it’s not the store-bought pre-made one—though if you are going that route I am proud of you. Nothing says Good Taste like a well-selected cheese platter any way you bring it home!

No, this particular one has every distinction of having been made by hand. With your pepper grinder on deck, go out and buy yourself some plain goat cheese from your local store/market and do the work by hand: crack the pepper and roll that lovely little goat cheese log in it, back and forth until it is well covered. It is relatively simple and indeed it makes a world of difference.

The important thing here is that you love what you are doing – and you want to make a difference to your guests. If you don’t, there is no reason you should be attempting this. (See above: store-bought cracked pepper goat cheese, already rolled. Open, serve, and relax.) When you do this yourself, there is the love for a craft that comes through your hands and onto the plate. Besides, the goat cheese takes on the rough, uneven texture of the cracked pepper.

When you serve it, make sure you mention that it was hand-done (in case your guests have had too much of your delicious wine to notice it yet,) and be ready for the accolades.



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