Fighting That Feeling.

I am contemplating something that I hope most of you will find amusing in some way. Often times, you may see my sense of humor come out in these posts. That’s not to say I will be using this as a launch pad for my stand-up comedy career (of which there is none to speak of, by the way).

First, let’s cover a basic fact: fashion for me is most definitely an expression, but it all has to look and feel good. If that unique—and oftentimes challenging—combination isn’t met, it is extremely difficult for me to walk out the door properly. (Yes, that means I would resort to the kicking and the screaming.) That said—and aside from meetings, weddings, and funerals—I usually do not have my day-to-day outfits pre-planned. It’s just not possible. Not that the scene of me getting dressed is anything to laugh at, but when it comes to taking a chance with something I am going to get creative with, it might get a little comic.

Ready for my close-up.

Let me take you to the other morning when I chose to focus on a striped cotton sweater (October in Miami = yes, we’re ready for sweaters!) Tan pants and a pair of chucks added to it. And I’m done, right? Wrong. Come now, haven’t we learned anything about the importance of socks yet?

So yes, the socks were the last element—and perhaps equally important as the obvious sweater. I had in my hand a pair that was solid red, but I wanted to feel rewarded when someone saw that I sported my black-and-red argyles. It’s that little push over the designed edge that can make or break you. As I said, it’s about standing out in great socks, so yes I was going to be fine; I knew this combination would work. And so I ran back into the closet for the argyles. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the closet door opened—even after several attempts. Being raised almost completely with superstitions, I naturally took this as a sign. It would be no argyle socks; only solid for me. But really, who was I kidding? Was I going to let the old saying “it’s meant to be” dictate my day? Not at all. (I could see if I was buying tickets for a ride on the Titanic only to find they were sold out that I would jump up and say: “You see, it was meant to be!”) But not these socks. No way.

I gritted my teeth and pulled at the closet door handle until the damned thing gave way. As it turned out, there was a small article of clothing holding it shut. Not some Divine Intervention. Well, I wasn’t about to board the Titanic, so I think I was good. 

The idea here is that you should not count on anything so ridiculous to dictate your decisions. If argyle socks is what you are after, then grab them. Even if while getting them, you look like some barefoot maniac in a striped sweater struggling with a closet door. I know what that must look like to you—and you’d be correct. I take these things quite seriously. So should you…



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