The 2 Minute Essential: Sewing a Button

Wait! Before you turn away, I have to tell you that there’s nothing to be afraid of! And you won’t need that machine! (I included it just for better page design.) This topic is basically something I need to talk about by way of driving home a point. Today’s 2 Minute Essential is all about saving yourself in an emergency and maybe getting a little more independence in a way, but not at all about trying out for a spot on Project Runway. There’s a difference, people.

Take for example today: I spent the better part of the morning (after remaining immovable on the sofa for some time with my first cup of coffee,) readying the plaid shirt I was “feeling” and the right dark denim with suitable black high tops (and of course the socks!) As it turned out, the shirt I wanted needed ironing. Nothing wrong with that—selecting an outfit in the morning to reflect my mood of the day sometimes comes with this last-minute work needed, like ironing. But I got this. The ironing job was almost complete: the final piece was the front panel of the shirt—the side with the buttons. (Yes, I always iron the front panels last and you should, too—it’s the first thing people see.)

That’s when it happened. The third-from-the-top button unraveled and fell off. This was not good; without it, I would seem like a Tom Selleck look-alike, just without all that…hair. Or the tropical prints. (What, it’s the last day of Movember; he’s the first analogy that came to mind.)

But I digress. Going out with a button missing from anywhere on your shirt is unacceptable. I didn’t want to rethink my choice in clothing so I did the other first thing that came to mind: I was going to sew it back on.

Now, you may know a few things about me already and therefore you are quite aware that I do not brag about my sewing abilities. Of course the fact that I have none really has a lot to do with that. Yet there I was: needle and thread in hand, ready to strike the first pinch into my thumb. Just as I drew back the needle for its initial descending plunge, I started channeling my dear Grandmother Catherine—legendary for being the family’s sewing genius among other things—who, although passed away quite some time ago, still lives on in my mind (sometimes inspiring me in moments like these). Whether or not it was she who sewed on this button or if it was my sheer determination, the fact is it got done.

Minutes later, I was out the door—no one was the wiser (of course until now).

The essence of The 2 Minute Essential is something powerful enough that you are able to accomplish in two minutes’ time. So if you are traveling alone for business (hotels have those sewing kits in their rooms for a reason other than stealing as a memento) and you find yourself at a loss in the button department or at home and simply don’t want to revisit an entire morning’s worth of work for something that could have taken you two minutes, this one is dedicated to you.

For a really quick tip on how to sew a button, check this out – courtesy of our friends over at Esquire:

It doesn’t matter how you get the damned thing on—channel your Grandmother or Google it—just be sure this is something you can do. It’ll only take two minutes. Button up!



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