It’s Cold Outside, By The Way.

I think I can say with great certainty that if you are reading this, then you know that there is some place colder than where you are. Even if you’re reading this from inside your deathly frigid, overly-air conditioned refrigerator of an office—which by the way you might agree could give Winnipeg a run for its money—there will always be a colder place. That’s why you have to take into consideration the context of your frosty atmosphere and prepare accordingly, especially now that winter is fully upon us.

bundled up

I'm not sure what direction this person is facing, but I hope there's something fabulous under there.

Cold in any city calls for a proper amount of layering that you know you can remove once you’re indoors. Just make sure that when you eventually peel these outer layers off, there’s enough winter fashion shining through. You don’t want to be unpleasantly met with the “you looked better with the anonymity of a bubble jacket” look on someone’s face when they greet you. In some ways, this outdoor frigidity is the best kind of cold, even if you might freeze before you actually get indoors to enjoy that drink. As for being cold in the office: bring a sweater you can take off; hopefully you’ll warm up with all the emails you’re writing.

As I prepare for a short jaunt up to Toronto for the holidays, I am actually looking forward to the winter and the one chance in a year I am able to wear what I’ve always known as “winter clothes,” though it is a foreign term where I currently live.

I also hope I make good on my promise to not say “it’s cold!” this season. I’ll instead opt for gracefully making my statements with season-appropriate fashion. I hope you’ll be doing the same…



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