A New Year, A New List.

How long into the New Year do you stop saying Happy New Year? Perhaps by the third or fourth day it is safe to go from “Happy New Year” to “I hope the year is off to a great start for you.”

I would imagine we should move away from the passive (wishing someone well), to the more aggressive by helping them actualize their intentions. “I hope the year is off to a great start for you” could do that. As we are all well aware, the new year comes with admissions of lofty goals, bold declarations of new resolutions, a revival of old ideas, allowing oneself another chance… all that and more, I’m sure.

By now, we’ve moved away from the “Best Of” lists that usually flood our news feeds during the last week in December and we start to look forward to the “Coming Soon” lists that start to crop up. One of my favorites of such lists is that of New Music.

Adele's 21; the ladies of Wild Flag

Adele's 21; the ladies of Wild Flag

Whether you’ve listened to Adele’s 21 until you cry, or Wild Flag’s self-titled debut until you bleed, chances are you will eventually be looking for new music. During the first few months of 2012, we will see releases by Florence + The Machine, Stephen Malkmus + The Jicks (split 7” with L.A. Guns), Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, Air, Lana Del Rey, Zola Jesus, Fucked Up, Cat Power and Lee Ranaldo (to name but a few).

Whether you’re into vinyl (and you damn well should be!), MP3 downloads or anything in between, make sure you have your checklist ready and keep one ear to the ground, while you have one eye on The Everyday Gentleman; I will be talking about them quite a bit throughout the year.

But while we wait for our new music releases, let’s start with that collection of novelty ties you have been holding onto from Holidays Past. Besides vinyl, there may be several things coming back into fashion, but there are no indications of those old things.

And nothing says that your year is off to a great start more than a great wardrobe.




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