The Fashion Ninja.

I didn’t know my inner Fashion Ninja was going to come out, but while out for drinks one evening, I was faced with a reminder of something that some men have been doing (or not doing) for quite some time now and it just did. Admittedly, from the first moment I witnessed this years back, I knew my calling in life would be to help those in need of its rectification. (Okay fine, it wasn’t that dramatic, nor is it really my actual calling in life. But I still want to help. Something needs to be done! And someone’s gotta do it…)

Here’s the problem, in a nutshell: men leave the back vent of their suit jacket sewn shut. You know what I am talking about – the two little stitches that hold the back vent of the suit together so it stays put until you bring it home. Yeah that. Once the suit is yours, these little stitches (often called basting stitches or tacks,) need to come out.

I can tell you seeing that is one of the most irritating things for me. We spend so much effort (and money) to look good in a suit. Why are any of us going out with it as such? Gentlemen, let me ask you this: did you remember to get a tailor to hem the pant legs, or are you walking around with eight extra inches of unnecessary material scrunched up around your ankles? (I didn’t think so. Alright then, bring the suit jacket to the same tailor and have them do the full treatment to the suit jacket!)

"X" definitely marks the spot!

"X" definitely marks the spot!

Oh and that reminds me about the loose label found on the outer sleeve of jackets and winter coats; I know people leave those on as well and they should definitely be removed! (That label is only so one can tell the brand name whist shopping in the store – and not for others to see what brand name you are wearing outdoors…) Snip it.

Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to gently open the basting stitches holding your pockets shut. Yes, they are temporary and should be opened. (You’ll see a tiny gap at the corner so you can get at the stitching.) If you are worried about the pockets “sagging” then you either don’t own enough suits and are wearing the same suit jacket too many times—don’t worry, just make sure to dry clean it after you wear it, while you look for a new suit—or you have way too many items floating around you and are afraid they’ll end up in there. Go light when you’re in a suit and carry less! An extremely important aspect of wearing a suit is your silhouette. Make sure it’s a good one!

I wanted to play Fashion Ninja that evening and slice that mother open – but I didn’t. Next time, the culprit might not be that lucky. Make sure a Fashion Ninja is not sneaking up on you…




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