Stopping Time… Even For A Moment

Some of these weeks seem to move by so quickly, and I find myself posting all kinds of status updates on Facebook and Twitter about these new things I come across—or even older things that I have been enjoying and feel the need to share. The updates and the information come fast and sometimes all at once… I can only hope some are keeping up, reading a few or at least noticing.

So I decided to update the look of this blog. It’s THE EVERYDAY GENTLEMAN at his best, in the very least still giving it my all. Just want to collect these status updates into one place. Hopefully you continue to read and enjoy—and come back often. Nothing’s going away—we’re just expanding our horizons together.

There are times when I find myself falling in love with a band; it is different than the love I have for an artist or designer (whether fashion or otherwise,) even a writer has a different affect on me than that of a band. When the music’s atmosphere embraces me, it surrounds me until it finds its place within me.

This is one of the reasons I decided to give THE EVERYDAY GENTLEMAN a little boost, if you will. Fashion, Poetry, and Lifestyle go together. But for me, it’s the music that binds them. I hope you gain something from this added element.

Now I can say confidently that I have recently fallen in love with Niki and the Dove. They are a band from Sweden (no surprise that I have fallen in love with artists from Sweden, I know)… Yes, their name sounds like they may have consulted Price. And yes, that might be one of the reasons certain people are giving them a second glance; they remind you of someone… something. Though they may have certain influences, they remain uniquely their own.  They’ve signed on to Sub Pop Records and have released their single “The Fox” on vinyl (yes, you can still ‘only’ buy them on MP3); also their EP, “The Drummer,” has hit iTunes in the U.S. this past fall. One tune in particular, “DJ, Ease My Mind” is a beautiful one: danceable on the surface yet chilling in its undertones. Check out the video here.

Well I hope you enjoy THE EVERYDAY GENTLEMAN’s newest incarnation and hope to hear from you soon. You know you’re going to hear from me…


PS – here is Niki and the Dove’s newly released video of a special acoustic performance of “DJ, Ease My Mind.” Enjoy!


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