They May Hate Love, But They’re Back.

GarbageDo you remember GARBAGE? Of course you do: “Only Happy When It Rains” fame (indeed among so many other  tracks made almost instantly famous the moment they hit your speakers,) from the mid-90s. Check out their video here (before it’s taken down, I’m sure.)

Well, they’re back. The 90s supergroup that consisted of vocalist Shirley Manson and musicians Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig (the latter who also produced Nivana’s “Nevermind,” Helmet’s “Betty” and Foo Fighters’ latest GRAMMY-winning album “Wasting Light,” among many, many others…) Yeah, like I said: SUPERGROUP.

I had the pleasure of seeing Garbage perform live about sixteen years ago, back when they first played NYC. It was an incredible performance, though very glossy, highly produced, and “polished” as it was — especially as far as live shows went for the gritty, grungy days back then. Some parts of their performance in fact felt like they relied heavily on pre-recorded layers of tracks and certain complex loops. Honestly, it mattered very little at that moment: Garbage rocked the stage.

Well, they’re back with a brand new (I almost highly anticipated) album — due out May 15, 2012. But don’t despair! There is a preview to their first song off the album, entitled  “I Hate Love,” and you can view it below. The video is made up of fan artwork, and was released on Feb 14 (yes, we all got their joke). Find out more on their site, and “like” them here.


And without delay, here’s a furious 1-minute preview of Garbage’s new track, “I Hate Love.” Enjoy!


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