Sleigh Bells on SNL 2/18

Sleigh Bells "Reign Of Terror"

Sleigh Bells "Reign Of Terror"

A few days ago, I was listening to Sleigh Bells’ awesome new album “Reign of Terror” via a NY Times online stream. (The write-up of the band is pretty decent as well; check it out.) Sleigh Bells played Grand Central here in Miami last week with Diplo and have a list of tour dates up on their facebook page. I hope for your sake they’re hitting your city soon!

So this morning I came across their performance on Saturday Night Live (which aired last night, Feb 18). Below are links to each of the Sleigh Bells’ performances on SNL. (Thanks to The Audio Perv for posting.)

Hope you enjoy. And get out there this week to pick up their new record…


NOTE: (2/21/12) The videos I originally posted here have been removed from their site; (I guess that’s what happens when you are too quick to jump on things…)

Have no fear – check this out. (While it lasts!) Sleigh Bells on SNL 2/18/12…



  1. Max

    Since when did photobucket start streaming videos? I remember when it was…well, a photo site, lol!

    I listened to the two links. I really like female vocalists, so I don’t know if it’s just bad mixing or what, but her voice gets lost in the cacophony of background music. She has a very delicate voice, so they need to either turn up that mic or play the music a bit softer.

    • Johnny Tsokos

      I thought the same thing about photobucket – lol

      Yeah these guys are great. Lately (esp with the whole Lana Del Rey topic,) SNL has been catching some tough remarks about their sound system. Of course the mixdown on their album is better. Still, I love their live performance. She’s got a great presence.

      Thanks for checking this out!

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