Sweet Zola Jesus.

Though it feels like I’ve known her for what seems like forever, Zola Jesus is one of those artists who reached me a couple of years ago and has found not only a permanent spot in each of my playlists everywhere, she’s also found that same permanence right here. (Points to somewhere on chest around the place where the heart would be.)

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Zola Jesus perform live at an amazing venue at Bardot in Miami. It was everything you would think an apparition dancing and singing would look and feel like. Here are some pictures of the performance. (Yes, we were five feet away, with no stage… I found out exactly why they call the shows at Bardot The Living Room Sessions).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, Ms Nika Rosa Danilova has teamed up recently with someone familiar for a remix of (out via Sacred Bones Records,). For this release, Sacred Bones has enlisted the talents of David Lynch, master filmmaker who seems way too eerily suited for this match.

Check out the 7″ vinyl release here:

Zola Jesus “In Your Nature (remixed by David Lynch)” on Sacred Bones, 7″

And listen to the song on SoundCloud (preferably at the same time as watching the slideshow above)…



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