Fryngies. An Inspiring New Song…

Again, we find ourselves on the cusp of something important. Something buzzing under the surface. If your skin is tingling after you hear this, it is a good thing. Take for example the lyric: “there’s a million snakes on the cold floor” that only starts to lead you onto her journey…

Her name is Karin Park and her upcoming album, High Wire Poetry, is due out next month. It is produced by Christoffer Berg (The Knife,  Fever Ray, and Little Dragon), and Barry Barnett (State of the Eye). And of course because of this team, you will no doubt hear the influences of those bands, but also a glimpse at some electro-pop with a dash of taught emotional vocal styling.  As quickly as I got behind Niki and the Dove, I’ll be following Ms Park and her rise.

Check out the newest song, “Fryngies” below via soundcloud out right now! (And stay tuned for more form this artist as the days progress!)… She already had tour dates booked with SBTRKT… Stay tuned for more, I’m sure.

…and for my visual people – here is the eerie video on YouTube:



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