Remixing. (plus a Neon Indian track remixed by Twin Shadow)

Remixing songs is one of those things that I sometimes had opposing feelings for. On the one hand, there is a chance to hear someone else’s interpretation of a song; yet it may send you running back in horror to the original version. I’ve come to the conclusion that either way it’s another channel of expression and one can only benefit from the discovery anyway.

When I was a kid, I used to mess with the RPM switch on the record player. Often. I spent more than a healthy amount of time listening to records on the wrong speed on purpose. Hearing Charo on speed drove my parents up one wall while The Village People droning in slow motion drove them down the other. Though my antics were definitely not popular in my parents’ house, it was gateway into making music of my own one day. From behind the bass to behind mixing tracks, I feel like I kind of came full-circle here.

Recently I was asked to remix a song. I immediately agreed of course. I have to say that the process is addictive to me and I was glad to have been considered — images of driving someone up a wall started to resurface. But they quickly went away the moment the first drum track was laid down.

That was over fifty layers ago. I hope to share the track with you soon. I’m aligning with the original artists on its release. More to come soon, of this you can be certain.

So, a couple of days ago I came across this Neon Indian track remixed by Twin Shadow; both good artists in their own right, but something about this chemistry seems to have worked out for the best.

Listen closely to the pitch changes, the heavy drumming, and left-to-right speaker balance. It’s everything I would have done to the track… only it would seem that mine would have likely come out a little…(purposeful pause)… darker, moodier.

Listen to Neon Indian’s “Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow remix)” on Soundcloud:



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