Something significant is approaching. And it is coming out of Sweden again. Yes, again.

Enter a few truly remarkable artists (some you may not know, and some whose music you can’t stop whistling, even if you’re among the Young Folks who want to remain unaffected by it). Artists whose ideas transcend the average, stretching beyond the limitations of the norm. And we all know what can happen when we adhere to the norm for too long.

I don’t want to lose the point here, nor do I want to take you down a twisting, winding, dangerous road of right and wrong here, but I think we can all agree that the time for change to take place is long overdue. Real, measurable change. Not just the kicking and screaming. Yeah that. Shameful, isn’t it?

There is no secret that music listeners and fanatics are finding what they love and getting it the way they want, whether it’s an MP3 or MPFree, good old-fashioned vinyl or that mysterious soundcloud looming up there somewhere. (Yes, we have even found ourselves paying for ad-free internet radio.)

Well, we’re seeing something remarkable happen in the industry already. That’s where INGRID comes in. Here’s a great little excerpt from an official statement:

Isn’t there more to life than world tours, indie cred and empty pockets? Couldn’t we be creating straight from the heart right to the people without any middle hands? Is it not 2012?

In a heartbeat, Ingrid was created. Consisting of members such as: Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, Coco Morier, Jocke Åhlund, Johanna Beckman, Jonas Torvestig, and Tomas Nordmark, Ingrid plans to offer a home for the new guard of musicians and artists. The opportunity for creation, collaboration, and compilation sonically and visually, Ingrid will provide in an unadulterated space.

I for one can’t wait to see what comes out of this collective record label in the days to come (and by the way, it seems the artists will remain on with their current labels as well as the INGRID project. Check out INGRID online: and in the meantime, below are two INGRID promo videos. Hope you enjoy.


As a side note, it’s true that these folks aren’t the first ones to do something about this, nor are they the only ones in recent days; just the other day at SXSW, MTV announced that they will be launching their artist site:, reaching artists from the garage and not just Gaga. Admittedly, right off the bat you’ll agree if I say the MTVmonster is going to need to make certain profits on a grander scale, otherwise they wouldn’t touch this. Though I don’t know how this is going to work for them, I am looking forward to it.

All of it.


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