The Year of Whatever You Want It To Be…

When you say something like, “It’s a new beginning,” or “It’s a fresh start,” what exactly does that mean? Do you really intend to start on the path of a new beginning, or create a fresh start, for that matter? Maybe the one you’re on is right, but you’re about to commit to it fully. Either way, you’ve said it. Now you’ve got to commit to it.

Last year right around this time, I decided to change the look of The Everyday Gentleman and it seemed as if it were good enough in general. That made me content. But now it seems as if it didn’t turn out as good enough for me for as long as I thought it would. This thought is quite complex, but basically: it’s time to grow.

I’ve been thinking about all the great music I come across, (well, if only in my opinion of course,) and fantastic art I am fortunate to experience, (again in my humble opinion,) — and yes certain style that goes without saying is of my own opinion — and often wonder why I am not sharing more of it. To my credit, it’s been a little busy…

…I’ve been doing quite a bit of this

…and a bit of this

…and of course some of this
Flight to Toronto

So here’s to 2013: The Year of Whatever You Want It To Be. A fresh start; a new beginning. As long as it’s something important.

And yes, we can be sure there is more of this to come…. Stay tuned ‘coz it might rush forth all at once, or like a very slow and sugary drip.



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