The Everyday Gentleman’s MIXTAPE 001

I’m sure you remember what it was like to create a mixtape for someone — or receive one. Not sure which end of that you found more exciting – in the creating or receiving – but here’s something for you…

As I work on Velocitylab No4, there are a great many songs I’ve been listening to and feel like sharing them as I go through the process. It’s my mixtape to you.

Some of the bands you’ll find here are ones that I am interviewing in the next issue, some have already been interviewed in the past and yet others round out the zine by sheer inspiration.

Whether this is the first in a (long) series, or a one-off, I hope you enjoy this mixtape. There’s also a link to download if you like it enough. Share the music and play it loud enough so I can hear it and know you’re out there…





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