Hear This: The Knife’s “A Tooth For An Eye”

the knife

Here’s a follow up to my last post about The Knife. I know, their previous song was a huge thrust into the kind of energy they embody. This one shines differently, but shines nonetheless. “A Tooth For An Eye” is a gorgeous song with subtle — yet undeniable — brilliance.

The first time you listen you’ll likely be watching how role-reversals are  played up. You’ll likely hear it again, (maybe without watching this time,) to start feeling what The Knife is about. Wait for Karin’s recoil at 1:26… and keep an ear out for her voice reaching emotional depths further on when she calls out: “I’m telling you stories… trust me…”

The rhythm change at the end creeps  up on you – be warned – and yet it retains its brilliance all the while in The Knife’s true form.



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