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A New Venture

So, it’s been a while since my last post. Not that I expected time to have stood still… Things have been busy – and am about to announce a new venture I’m launching.

Stay tuned for something brand new… Something that ties together the things The Everyday Gentleman has stood for over the past 5 years.. and more.


Amber bottles can only mean one thing...stay tuned to find out more.

Amber bottles can only mean one thing…  stay tuned to find out more.





The Number 8 On Its Side Is….

…A Symbol With No Beginning And No End.

A few months ago I embarked upon the latest issue of Velocitylab. That is, issue No 8. I clung to the thought that the number 8 on its side quite remarkably resembles the same iconic symbol of Infinity. No beginning and no end. I considered that would be a great way to bring the latest theme of Velocitylab to life.


Here are a few shots of the latest issue… I know I haven’t been posting much on this blog, (due mostly to the hard work I;ve been putting in to Velocitylab as well as the novel I recently published – A Boy Named Medusa – that available on Amazon and Smashwords..) but I’ll be sharing more of the latest on Velocitylab soon enough.

x Cheers! x

Velocitylab No8 Cover Velocitylab No8 side Velocitylab No8 Veloctylab production

Newly Revamped Velocitylab Interviews Page

As I work on the next issue of VELOCITYLAB, I’ve been giving the site some thought. Is there enough? Could there be more? Less? Better? Worse?

You get the idea. Keep improving. Learning. Listening. Sharing.

Enter: the newly revamped Velocitylab Interviews page. Check it out – and above all…. Hope you enjoy it! Read about them all and support them; listen some more…

Check it out here: http://velocitylab.net/interviews


My interview with Watch Commander

In each issue of my zine, Velocitylab, I try to reach out to different artists across many genres, each of whom have their own way of inspiring (and in a way reassuring) me that there is real talent out there – true inspiration… You just have to remain undaunted. And keep searching through the deluge…

So, here’s one of the interviews from the latest issue of Velocitylab. It’s with a melodic punk rock band from Worcester UK: Watch Commander. Hope you enjoy.


Watch Commander image Velocitylab

Velocitylab Interviews: WATCH COMMANDER!

Watch Commander are from Worcester UK and play melodic punk rock. Check out their interview in the latest issue of Velocitylab!

Thank you for your time, Si! Tell me a little bit more about Watch Commander.

We’ve been playing together since January 2011, that’s when we first got together. We were all based in our hometown of Worcester, some of us knew each other from way back, and others we knew from other local bands. From the beginning I had some songs written so we started by playing through those, and about seven weeks after the first time we got together we ended up recording a four-song demo. (For those that don’t know the UK so well, Worcester is a small city in the West Midlands region of England, not too far from Birmingham, not too far from Wales. It’s a small place with an even smaller music scene.)

Clock and Compass is a well-crafted album of melodic punk rock yet it feels even larger in scope. Tell me about how the lyrics and music come together cohesively to tell this story. Even the album art seems to lend itself to it.

Thanks man. The whole record was written in a pretty short space of time, over a couple of months in the second half of 2011. I think that resulted in some level of cohesion to the music/lyrics as I was writing from one particular place in my head. It’s not a concept album by any means, but there’s a theme throughout that speaks about trying to live in the present without being weighed down by the past, and allowing yourself to be happy despite the ways you have lived before. It’s also informed by the time I spent living in the USA (Albany, NY & Vermont) and being back and forth between places I’d call home. The album artwork has a nautical theme to it, influenced by that travelling and the ocean I kept crossing. I hope it all ties in together but I never know if it comes across.

<…Keep reading the rest of the interview @Velocitylab…>

Announcing the latest issue of VELOCITYLAB!

It’s been a while since my last post here, I know. Well, at least it feels like it has been. In the meantime, I have been busy at work on the latest issue of my zine, Velocitylab. I’m already up to No5 and it seems it’s only getting better each time.

With this issue, I’ve interviewed some incredible bands (The Deer Tracks, Watch Commander, Jean Jacket, Blue Hawaii, Twintapes, Lungs and Justin Soileau,) and have collaborated with artists, while other artists contributed their own original pieces. I’ll try to update you all as much as possible. Hope you enjoy… and head on over to Velocitylab now for your very own limited edition copy.

Do it now! Limited edition copies await!

Choose red or yellow.. reminiscent of the old Art of Kissing and How to Make Love books of the 1930’s. Enjoy!




My Interview: Man Without Country

IMG_1783So you know lately I’ve been keeping busy with my zine, VELOCITYLAB. Yep, I’m on my fourth issue. And things are going pretty well! I’ve been speaking to some of my favorite bands and amazing people in the industry – some new, some already discovered… and I’ve also realized that I’m surrounded by some seriously talented people. As a matter of fact, I keep finding myself pleasantly surprised to see the influx of collaborations and contributions that come to me for each issue. I’ll start posting some of them on the Velocitylab site as we go along.

MWC_coverHere’s one of the interviews from the latest issue of the  zine. MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY.

These guys are fantastic. And were quite gracious with their time, even as they traveled to our shores for their debut US tour. They create beautiful and atmospheric music with lyrics that at once seem dark yet dreamy.

I hope you enjoy their music… as well as my interview with Ryan and Tomas of MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY.

via VELOCITYLAB: http://velocitylab.net/manwithoutcountry